There is no "one size fits all" solutuion for business.  With over twenty years of experience across the corporate and entrepreneurial space, The Business Beanie works with management to identify the specific needs of the business.

The key is a collaborative approach with management to identify and unlock those challenges with practical and effective solutions that will increase profitability and improve cashflow.


The typical approach that is followed is:

  • Obtaining an understanding of the overall business environment and the background to the existing challenge;
  • Jointly determining the most effective solution whether this be a high level assessment or in-depth analysis;
  • Considering what existing resources can be utilised to obtain a cost effective solution; and
  • Agreeing on specific outputs and timelines that work for the business.


The types of services that are offered are as follows:

  • Part-time/Interim Financial Director;
  • Scenario planning to understand the effects that different decisions will have on the results;  
  • Financial Health Assessment (ie reviewing your current financial systems and processes to identify areas where you are exposed to risk or where things are not working optimally);
  • Internal reviews (sales, procurement, inventory management, operations etc);
  • System implementation and enhancement;
  • Development of effective management reports;
  • Training and Mentoring of staff; and
  • Adhoc Projects.