Systems and Data

Technology has brought with it a myriad of systems for a business to choose from and with it a lot of confusion. From a basic excel spread sheet through to a fully-integrated ERP system the technology is there, however, many systems do not deliver to expectations as they are over or under engineered. A system needs to be specifically designed around the business needs using best practice methodology. Often systems are designed around existing processes and do not take into account the possible future requirements. Inexperienced staff place undue reliance on systems and will not identify potential problems. Left undetected these problems can have a detrimental effect. Understanding the desired business outcomes will allow meaningful and accurate information to be captured and channelled through the system ensuring that relevant checks and balances are put in place. Often too much information is available and being able to apply filters to get meaningful and timely information and insights is critical. Reports need to be simple and tailored to the business requirements. Providing reports to identify exceptions will highlight the problem areas and ensure management can take focused and appropriate action.

Services include:

  • Data Analysis
  • Scenario Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Developing Efficient Reports
  • Implementation and Enhancement of Systems
  • Project Management